Add Order Details To Google Sheets Directly After Form Submission With Pabbly Connect Add-On

If you have an online store, you know that tracking your orders through form entries is hard, and updating it manually on Google Sheets will take a lot of time.  In this article, we will show you how to integrate Google Sheets with the Pie Forms Pabbly Connect add-on to help efficiently automate the task.

Before getting started, install and activate Pie Forms, the drag-and-drop WordPress form builder on your website. Next, install and activate the Pabbly Connect add-on.  If you are using Pie Forms Basic, you need to buy the add-on separately.

Connect Pabbly With Pie Forms

Once the addon is activated, sign in to your Pabbly account to connect it with Pie Forms. From the dashboard, click Access Now.

all apps

Next, create a workflow and name it.


Choose Pie Forms from the app dropdown, and add New Form Submission as the Trigger Event.

new form submission

After selecting the trigger event, you will see a Webhook URL to use in your form settings. Copy the URL and go to Pie Forms.  Select a form and go to the Form Settings>>Pabbly Settings.

pabbly settings

Next, mark the checkbox to enable Pabbly. Paste the URL in the first field and select the Request Method as POST and Request Format as JSON.

pabbly trigger url

Save the settings.

Embed Form On Your Website For A Test

Next, create or edit a form to test the workflow. If you are new to Pie Forms, you may want to look at How to create your first Form with Pie Forms. Once done, embed your edited form on your website. Fill in the form and submit it, and you will see entries updated on your Pabbly dashboard.

response recieved

Set Up Your Action Event

Next, select an App Event for the action you want to take in response to the trigger. This app is the service you want to send your form entry details. After selecting an app, choose an action you want to happen when a new form entry is submitted. For our tutorial, we will use Google Sheets as a connecting application.

connect with google sheets

Next, add an event to perform when a new form is submitted and connect your Pabbly account with Google Sheets and give access to it.

Use Case:

You have an online store, and tracking your orders through form entries takes a lot of time. Getting all your purchase order details in one place will make tracking orders easy. With the Pabbly addon by Pie Forms, you can automatically upload the order details on Google Sheets on every form submission.

Once connected, select the spreadsheet and sheet, and add range and value to update the details.

update details

Save and send the test request, and you will see the merged field data updated in Google  Sheets automatically.

updated in google sheets

That’s it! This is how you can simply update and track your online orders in one place and save time. Check our tutorials for more awesome ways to connect Pie Forms with Pabbly.

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