Email Settings

A confirmation email sent to your targeted audience to ascertain their online form submission is very essential.

In this guide, we will learn how to customize the email settings with Pie Forms. Before we get started, you need to create a new form or edit an existing one.

Go to the Pie Forms Admin Dashboard. Go to All Forms, and click on the Edit button of any form you want to customize your Email Settings for.

email all forms edit

From the Form editor, go to the Settings Tab and click on the Email Settings.

builder email settings

There are several fields you will need to fill out when setting up a form email.

Let’s begin with each step by step:


In Pie Forms, the field To Address is set to {admin_email} by default. This smart tag will automatically pull the admin email from your WordPress settings. You can add any email address you want the email to be received at.

You can even add more than one email address in the field, separated by a comma.

to address


This field requires the name you want your customers to receive emails from. You can change this to the name of your company if you wish to. But if the field is not defined, then by default it pulls the name of the website.

from name


This field refers to the address from where the forms are sent. By default, this field is set to {admin-email} as shown below.

from address

You can change the address according to your requirements.


The email address used in this field will be the recipient of all replies to the email that is sent. If left empty, the Reply to email field will by default take the value of the From-address field.

reply to


This field shows up the purpose for which the email is sent. By default, it will show up as New Entry. You can customize the email subject according to your need by adding text or even a smart tag.

email subject


The last field in the email settings is the Admin Email Message. This field will be displayed as the email body. By default in Pie Forms the message will have {all_fields} smart tag which shows up all the fields data filled in by the user.

admin email message

You can further customize the message content by adding additional text, smart tags, and can even do HTML and inline CSS as shown below:

admin email message smarttags

The final email will look like this along with the subject and email body:

email layout

Cc AND Bcc

If you want to add multiple recipients for your email, you will have to enable the checkbox of Cc and Bcc from the Email tab in the Global settings.

Once you save the settings, you will now be able to see the Cc and Bcc fields in the email settings of your form as shown below:

builder CC BCC fields

Pie Forms lets you customize the emails the way you want. You can add text, do custom CSS, and can add smart tags according to your requirements.