How To Create A Ticket In Hubspot For Your Customer Queries With Pie Forms Zapier Addon

Keeping track of all support issues in one place is essential. It helps to stay organized and streamline your customer experience.

With Pie Form’s Zapier addon, you can integrate Hubspot with Pie Forms and automate your workflow. No issues get lost, each case is assigned a status, and the priority systems help customer service teams support their customers and improve customer retention.

This tutorial will show you how to create Hubspot support tickets with Pie Form’s Zapier addon.

Step1: Install and Activate Pie Forms

Before getting started, ensure the Pie Forms plugin is installed and activated on your website.

Step2: Create a Support Query Form

Next, create a form or edit an existing support query form, if any. New to Pie Forms? Don’t worry; we have a complete guide for you.

Step3: Install and Activate Pie Forms Zapier Addon

If you are a premium user of Pie Forms, Simply go to Plugins>>Installed plugins and activate the plugin. No license key required. Basic users can buy the addon separately and follow the installation and activation steps mentioned here.

Step4: Create a Zap

Log into your Zapier account and click Create a Zap. Set Pie Forms as your Trigger event. Allow Zapier to access your account and test your trigger. Take a look at our guide on how to get started with Zapier.

Note: Note: The form must have at least one entry for the test to work.

Step5: Select an Action Event

Once you are done with the Trigger part, select the action application you want to perform the task when a user submits the form. We will choose Hubspot as our action app and create a ticket on every form submission. This way, the support team stays organized, keeps track of every customer’s needs, and provides a personal experience.


Press continue and connect your Hubspot account and allow Zapier to access it. Once the account is connected, set up the action part. Add in the required details and test the zap.


You will see a new ticket on your Hubspot’s dashboard with all the fields mentioned.


This is how easy it is to automate your work to keep track of your customer queries in one place and save time. If you want to keep your team in the loop, check Pie Forms integration with Trello.