How to Disable a Pie Form

There are forms on your WordPress dashboard, which may be of no use at certain times. With Pie Forms, you can disable any form with a single click.

Follow the instructions below and disable the unwanted forms in no time.

Go to your Pie Forms Admin Dashboard and click on All Forms.

You can view, edit, preview, and delete all your forms from here. Besides the form name, there is a toggle button.

Disable Form Toggle

Click on the toggle button of the form you want to disable. And you are done. It is as simple as that!

Disable Form

Once a form is disabled, this text is displayed on the page where the form was added.

Disabled Form

You can also Edit to display a custom message in place of the form or remove the Pie Forms Shortcode.

Was the article helpful? If you are new to Pie Forms, install and activate Pie Forms on your Word Press dashboard from here.