How To Get Slack Notifications With Pie Forms Zapier Addon

Forms and data entry are tedious, but the Pie Forms Zapier addon makes it easy for you to gather information, collect details, and even enter people for contests and events. 

This tutorial will show you how we can use this workflow to generate a Slack notification or a direct share in the channel of our choice when we get a new form response.

Install and Activate Pie Forms

Before getting started, the first thing to make sure of is to install and activate the Pie Forms plugin on your WordPress website. Pie Forms is a drag-and-drop form builder plugin that lets you build various forms with no coding requirements. Here is our complete guide to help you get started with the plugin.

Install and Activate Zapier Addon

Once you are done with the activation process, install and activate the Zapier addon on your website. If you are using Pie Forms’ basic version, you can buy the addon separately. The Premium Users need to activate only as it is a part of it. Check our tutorial for details.

Create And Embed Your WordPress Form

Next, create a new form or edit an existing one to embed on your website. Go to Pie Forms>>All Forms and select the one you want to edit. To create a new one, click the New Form button.

Select form for Slack

If you are new to Pie Forms, check our tutorial on How to create forms with Pie Forms. After editing the form, copy the shortcode and paste it where you want to embed it, and you are done.

View form Pie Forms Zapier

Connect With Zapier

Once you finish the editing and embedding part, connect Pie Forms with Zapier to create a new zap. First, you’ll need to log in to your Zapier account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up here.

After logging in to your account, create a new zap and set up the Trigger event. Check details on how to get started with Zapier.

Set Up Your Action Event

Once you are done with the Trigger part, select the action application you want to perform the task when a user submits the form. We will choose Slack as our action app and send channel messages to the workspace you have created so that everyone gets notified when a new lead signs up.

Send channel messages in Slack

Press Continue and connect your Slack account. Allow Zapier to access your Slack workspace.

Confirm Slack account

Next, add the channel name and the form fields in the message box you want to show up in the slack.

Set up action Slack

Continue and test your action. You will see the selected form fields in the channel sent by Zapier. All team members will get notified about the new lead. That’s it! If you want to create a direct backup of your file uploads, check Pie Forms Zapier addon’s integration with Dropbox.