How to Install and Activate Pie Forms Active Campaign Add-on

Active Campaigns have various CRM features that support our interactions with clients and users. We can build a significantly more engaged customer experience using the Active Campaign add-on.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to install, activate and use the Active Campaign Add-on with Pie Forms to automate email campaigns.

Check out How to build your first Form with Pie Forms if you’re new to the platform.

For Installation

To install the add-on, Go to your genetech store account and download the plugin file.

  • Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New
  • Upload the zip file of the ActiveCampaign Add-on

upload plugin

The plugin will now appear in the list of plugins.

  •  If you are a Pie Forms Premium user, you only need to activate the add-on.
  • To activate the plugin, navigate to the list of inactive plugins.
  • Locate “Pie Forms ActiveCampaign add-on” and hit “Activate“.

If you’re still using Pie Forms Basic, consider upgrading to PRO or purchasing the add-on separately.

  • To activate the license key, Go to Genetech store account > My account > My Key.
  • Copy the key
  • Click Pie Forms on the WordPress Admin dashboard.
  • Next, Go to Pie Forms > Global Settings > License Key
  • Click Activate after pasting the license key and email address.

ActiveCampaign is now installed and activated.

Connect ActiveCampaign with Pie Forms

Now that the ActiveCampaign Add-on is activated

  • Go to Dashboard > Pie Forms > Marketing > ActiveCampaign
  • Now upload the ActiveCampaign URL and ActiveCampaign API keys to connect your account with Pie Forms.

Note: You can find the URL and API key in the “Settings/Developer” section of your ActiveCampaign account.

  • Hit Save Settings.

save settings

ActiveCampaign Settings

You can either edit the existing form or create a new one. To set up the ActiveCampaign add-on, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to Pie Forms > All Forms > Select the Form you want to edit

All Forms

  • Then Go to Form Settings and select Active Campaign Settings.

Enable Active Campaign

You can see all the field options that are required for the ActiveCampaign.

Field Options

  • Click Enable ActiveCampaign
  • Admin can set the email field as per the form by mapping the email field from the smart tag dropdown. (Email field is required for ActiveCampaign)
  • You can set the first name, last name, and phone number with static input or synchronize them with the form fields to get dynamic data from user input with the help of smart tags.

other fields

  • Select the account to which you want to add the contact. ( you can create different accounts from your ActiveCampaign account to be displayed here.)
  • You can select one or more tags and attach them to the contact. ( you can create tags from your active campaign account to be displayed here.)
  • Next, select a list to which you want your contact to be added. (You can create lists on your active account that will be visible on the list field.)
  • Then, you can set the contact as “Subscriber” or “Non-subscriber” on that list.
  • Hit the Save button to store the settings.

Upon successful form submission, the user’s contact details will be saved on your ActiveCampaign account.

To view the saved contacts, Go to ActiveCampain account > Contacts.


Click on particular Contact to view complete details.


That’s all! we hope this article was beneficial for you. Reach out to us for any queries.