How to install and use the Drip Campaign Add-on

Responding to every form submission can be tedious work, especially if your form has many responses. With the Drip Campaign Add-on, you can now automate an email campaign or sales funnel after a user fills a form. This guide will detail how to use this automatic response feature.

Installing Drip Addon

To install Drip, log in to your Genetech Store Account and download the Add-on.

Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.

Upload the zip file of the Add-on.

The plugin will now be visible in the list of plugins.

Activating Drip Addon

If you are using Pie Forms Premium, you only have to activate the add-on. The license key is not required.

  • To activate the plugin, go to the list of inactive plugins.
  • Locate “Pie Forms (Add on) – Drip” and click on the ‘Activate’ button.
  • You will now see the Drip Campaign option in your WordPress Dashboard Menu.

If you are not using Pie Forms Premium (Professional Plan), you will require the License key.

  • To activate the license key, go to Genetech store account > My account > My Keys.
  • Copy the key.
  • Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and click on Pie Forms.
  • Then, Pie Forms > Global Settings > License Key
  • Paste the email address and license key and click Activate.

Drip Campaign add-on will now be visible in your WordPress Dashboard Menu.

Connect Drip Campaign to your form

Once Drip Campaign is visible in your WordPress Dashboard Menu, you can add it to any existing form you have or create a new form to add it.

  • Go to Drip Campaign > New Drip.
  • You are now on the Create Drip page.

  • Give your Drip Campaign a name in the Drip Name field.
  • In the Select Form field, you can select which form this Drip Campaign will apply to.
  • Give your email campaign a subject in the Email Subject field.
  • Add the text in the Email Body field.

Email Body Customization

The Email Body field lets you make extensive changes to your email body.

Following are the details through which you can do a lot of customization in your automated email.

  1. Add media
  2. Change font sizes.
  3. Make your text Bold or Italic
  4. Use a Bulleted– or Numbered list
  5. Add blockquote
  6. Align Text
  7. Insert and edit links
  8. Insert ‘Read More’ tags.
  9. Edit the email body in Fullscreen mode.

From the toolbar toggle, you can further customize your text by adding lines, changing text color, pasting as text, clearing formatting, adding special characters, increasing or decreasing the indent, undo or redo and some keyboard shortcuts for your ease.

Scheduling your Email Campaign

After naming your campaign and editing your email, you can schedule the automated emails to be released after a form is submitted.

  • From the drop-down, you can choose whether your automated email is sent within hours or days of form submission.
  • From the second field, you can select the number of Days or Hours.
  • If you choose Hour(s), you have the added option of half-hourly scheduling emails. For example:

Adding more emails to Drip Campaign

If your email campaign involves more than one email, you can add more emails easily through drip! Just click on the ‘+’ sign in the Schedule field.

Press ‘Submit’ to save the Drip Campaign to your form.

Branding in your Pie Form

If you want to add branding to your Pie Form, you can do it by enabling an HTML template and footer in your email.

  • Go toPie Forms > Global Settings>Email Settings
  • Enable HTML Template

  • You can add a Header image, a Footer and change the background color of your email campaign.
  • To make your footer visible in the email, select the ‘Show footer in email’ option!
  • Save the settings.

That is it; this is how you use the Drip Campaign add-on for Pie Forms. Go ahead and plan your Email Campaign! You may want to check How to use the HTML Email Template. For more queries, Contact us, and our support team will be in touch with you soon.