How to Limit and Schedule Forms Using Pie Forms

Do you want to schedule and restrict the number of form entries on your WordPress site? Pie forms offer various features such as limiting form entries, scheduling the submission dates, and customizable message to display when the form submission requirement is over.

This tutorial will show you how to limit and schedule your form entries using the Pie Forms.

Go to your Pie Forms Admin Dashboard. If you haven’t installed Pie Forms yet, you may want to take a look at how to install and activate Pie Forms.

Go to the Word Press Admin Dashboard>>Pie Forms. Create a new form or edit an existing one for which you want to limit and schedule the form entries.

All Forms All Fields

IMPORTANT: You must first enable the GDPR from the Global Settings and add the GDPR compliance field in your form to use the limit and schedule feature.

Refer to the document How to make your forms GDPR compliant using Pie Forms.

Once the GDPR settings are done, go to Form Settings>>Limit and Schedule from the form builder.

Limit And Schedule

The Limit and Schedule feature has the following setting options.

Limit And Schedule Options

  1. Unique Submissions: Enable the checkbox for Unique submissions. No other entry from the same email address will be allowed.
  2. Limit the Form Entries: Restrict the number of form entries by entering your desired number.
  3. Set an Expiry Date: Set the date until you want the forms to be accepted. The form will disappear from your site on the set date.
  4. Custom Message: Set up a customized message to display to the users when the form submission limit is over.

Save settings.

It’s that easy to limit and schedule the form entries for your forms using Pie Forms. Was this article helpful?