How to Limit the Number of Form Submissions in Pie Forms

Limiting the number of form submissions can help against spammers and keep your website secure.

Pie Forms provides you with this feature to set the count and restrict your form submissions. Follow the steps below:

Step1: WordPress Admin Login

  • Login to your WordPress Admin dashboard.
  • Navigate to Pie Forms and click on New Form.
    Add New Form

Step2: Create a Form in

New Form

  • Select a Blank Form and name it. Pie Form also has ready-to-use templates that are fully editable
  • Once on the form editor, drag and drop the desired fields to the form.

Form Builder

Step3: Restrict Number of Form Submissions

  • Click on the Form Settings Tab.
  • Click on Limit and Schedule.
    Limit And Schedule
  • Check the Limit form Submission(s)
  • Set the count into Limit the Form Entries / Submission.
  • Write a Custom Message you want to show to the user on exceeding the submission limit.
    Limit Form Options
  • Click on the Save

Test Your Form:

Click on the Preview button.

In the preview mode, submit the created form and exceed the submission count. Once the limit is exceeded, you will see the custom message. A default message will be displayed if the Custom Message is left blank.

This is how the Pie Forms WordPress plugin restricts the form submissions on your website.