How to Make Your Forms GDPR Compliant using Pie Forms

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a law by the European Union (EU) requiring explicit consent before collecting or storing user’s data. It also allows the user to request access to or delete their data.

To make your forms GDPR compliant with Pie Forms, you must enable the GDPR from the Global Settings and add the GDPR compliance field in your form to take the user’s consent.

Follow these steps to enable GDPR on your form.

Step 1: Enable GDPR Settings

Go to your WordPress Admin dashboard. Click on Pie Forms > Global Settings and head over to the General Settings Tab.

Enable the Checkbox to use the GDPR related features on your forms.

Save the settings.

GDPR Checkbox

Step 2: Adding the GDPR Field

To add the GDPR agreement field, create a new form from your admin dashboard, or edit an existing one.

All Forms Menu

Once you are on the form builder, drag and drop the GDPR agreement field on the form builder, which you will see under the Advanced fields tab.

GDPR Field Builder

Click on the edit button to customize the Basic and Advanced options on the form builder’s right side.

GDPR Field Options

You can edit the Label, Meta key, Description, change the agreement text, enable the Checkbox to make it required, and set a custom message for the required field from the Basic options.

GDPR Field Basic Options

You can enable the Checkbox to hide the label and add an extra CSS class for any additional CSS from the Advanced options.

GDPR Field Advance Options

Save changes and preview. The user will get an error message if he does not enable the Checkbox.

GDPR Field In Form

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