How to Make Your Forms Secure with Pie Forms

Secure forms are crucial for your website. They do not only protect you from spam but also ensures security for your user’s data.

In this tutorial, we will tell you how you can make your forms secure using Pie Forms.

Pie Forms has two options for secure forms.

  1. HoneyPot Protections
  2. Google reCAPTCHA

HoneyPot Protection

HoneyPot helps to keep your forms secure from spambots by adding an invisible field to the form. If the field is not empty on form submission, it is filled by a bot.

Pie Forms has built-in HoneyPot protection. You can enable it by following the below steps:

  • Go to the Form Settingson the right side of the form editor.
  • In the General Settingsjust below the Submit button class, you will see a checkbox.
  • Click on the ‘Enableanti-spam honeypot to enable it.

Enable Honey Pot


The second method to make your forms secure is to enable Google reCAPTCHA on your forms. It will add an extra layer of protection against spam users.

Pie Forms has two types of reCAPTCHA; v2 and v3. Follow the steps below to enable Google reCAPTCHA on your Pie Forms.

  • From the Pie Forms admin dashboard, go to Global Settings > reCAPTCHA tab.
  • Select the type of reCAPTCHA and add the SITE KEY and SECRET KEY. Save Settings.Enable Honey Pot
  • To enable reCAPTCHA on Pie Forms, go to the Pie Forms > All Forms.
  • Create a new form or edit an existing one,
  • Go to the Form Settingson the right side of the form editor.
  • In the General Settings, you will see a checkbox for enabling Google reCaptcha.
  • Click on the checkbox to enable it.

Enable Recaptcha

NOTE: If you don’t have the Site Key and the Secret Key, here is a detailed article on Integrating Google reCAPTCHA on Pie Forms.