How To Use Human Face Detector

There are a lot of reasons where users may want to submit images to your website. Whether you want subscribers to upload profile pictures to their account or allow guest posts, accepting and processing those images manually can be time-consuming. Here is where the Image Upload field comes as a life-saver.

Pie Forms is a WordPress form builder plugin that lets you create any form in minutes with no coding required. With the Human Face Detector in Image Upload Field in Pie Forms, you can allow the users to upload images with a human face only.

This tutorial will walk you through the process of how this feature works. Before we get started, you first need to install and activate Pie Forms on your WordPress Dashboard. 

Create a New Form

Once activated, you need to create a new form to add the image upload field or edit an existing one. If you are new to Pie Forms, you may look at our guide here.

  • Go to Pie Forms from your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • Go to All Forms to add a new form or edit an existing one.
    Edit Form



If you create a new form, give it a name and add relevant fields.

  • Drag and drop the Image Upload field from the Advance fields to your form.
  • Click on the settings option to do the edits.
    Img Upload Field Builder

Configure the Settings

You can change the Label, Format, and Description from the Field Options > Basic Options. From the Advanced Options, you can further customize the following settings.

Max File Size: Restrict the file size in MBs.

Maximum number limit on uploads: Mention the maximum number of files a user can upload.

Allowed File Extensions: Specify the type of file allowed to upload. You can add more than one file type separated with a comma like jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, png, bmp, tiff, tif, ico

Enable Face Detection: Enable the checkbox to allow the users to upload an image with a human face only.

Img Upload Field Adv Options

You can also apply Conditional Logic to your Image Upload Field if required.


Once you are done with the form settings, hit save. You can now embed your form anywhere on your website using a shortcode. 

Whenever the user uploads an image with no human face, it will show you an error message, as shown in the screenshot.

Not Accepted

No Face Detected


Img Uploaded

Every time someone completes this form, you can view their submission by navigating to Pie Forms > > Entries in your WordPress dashboard. 

Entry View

Click on view, and it will open the page containing all the information the user submitted.

This is how simple it is! You can restrict users from uploading images with a human face only with the face detection feature! We hope this was helpful. This is a simple example of how you can use Pie Forms – do check out what other features Pie Forms offer! Or Contact Us for further queries.