Human Face Detector

There are many reasons you might want people to submit image files to your website. Whether you are running an educational website, you want subscribers to upload profile pictures to their account or give users the option to add profile pictures as part of the guest posts. 

The Image Upload Field by Pie Forms gives your users an easy way to upload an image to your online forms and accepts only human faces if face detection is enabled. It allows the user to upload photos 

in jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, png, bmp, tiff, tif, ico formats. Admin can restrict the file type and size in MBs.

Face Detection Feature

Key Features

  • Enable face detection to accept human face images only.
  • Apply conditional logic.
  • Restrict the file extensions separated by commas.
  • Limit the uploaded size in MBs.
  • Restrict the number of files a user can upload.